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Information for Admission

Admission and procedures
Information for Admission
This institute is a nonprofit private home for the elderly established by the Little Sisters of the Poor, operated without any government support nor for any profit business. We inherit the spirit of our foundress St. Jeanne Jugan, collecting funds daily to provide for the needs of the elderly as she did, trusting in Divine Providence. We run free elderly homes depending on our benefactors' help and collection done directly by the Sisters.

The purpose of this elderly home is...
to help the poor and marginalized elderly people live here with love and respect, continue the rest of their life’s journey well, and return to God's arms of Love.

Qualification for admission
Admission to our homes is open to low-income, marginalized elderly people at least 70 years of age, regardless of race or religion. Individuals, and married couples are welcome but they should be the recipient of national basic livelihood guarantees. This establishment is an Elderly Home, not a nursing facility, so the resident should be able to take care of themselves. You could get out more information through pre-interviews.

Admission procedure

  • ① Telephone interview
  • ② Fill out the application form after the face-to-face interview
  • ③ Prepare moving-in forms
  • ④ Notification of admission confirmation
  • ⑤ Visiting resident’s Home
  • ⑥ Moving in

Inquiries about Admission
Any senior person who wants to enter our elderly home should first select one of our establishments close to where they lives and call the admission coordinator. The admission coordinator is usually the director of the home.
After inquiring about admission, we recommend that the applicant visit the specific institute. And they have to fill out the application form.
After that, the admission coordinator and another Sister will pay a visit to the applicant's residence. And when everything is confirmed, they prepare the following documents and send them to us in advance.
Korea, namely Seoul, Suwon, Jeonju, and Damyang. These homes are free, and since the beginning, we have not relied on government subsidies or a profitable business, but with the help of benefactors and sponsors and Sisters fund collection. We, the Little Sisters, collect money from churches, markets, shopping malls, companies, factories, and sometimes on the streets too. Just as Saint Jeanne Jugan collected money to care for the elderly and practiced poverty, we rely on God’s Providence to follow her spirit.
Suwon - Queen of Peace Home. (031-241-1466)
Seoul - Jeanne Jugan's Home. (02-2602-2472)
Jeonju - Mount St. Joseph’s Home (063-243-1440)
Damyang - Heart of Jesus‘s Home (061-383-4292)