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Mission and Promise

“ Never forget that the poor are our Lord. ” (J.J)

Members of the Association Jeanne Jugan participate in the apostolic mission confided by the Church to the Little Sisters of the Poor that of hospitality to the aged poor. Volunteer activities are as follows.

Volunteer work to take direct care of the elderly.
Volunteer work for private activities.
Entertainment services.
Missionary sponsorship services.
Services dedicated to prayer or pain for the orientation of the Congregation.

Being Sensitive to the call of the Church, members of Association Jeanne Jugang recognize their participation in the mystery of unity of the Church and the apostolate and missionary work in the rich diversity of vocations and circumstances and conditions of life.

“ Please do your best. ”

The Association Jeanne Jugan is open to Catholic women and men 18 years of age or above interested in giving greater vitality to their Christian faith and participating in the apostolic mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Following an introductory period and a time of initial formation, the membership is formalized by an annual promise.

In the presence of the Lord,
with His grace,
and under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary
I promise to spend one year as a member of the Associate Jeanne Jugan
a cooperative organization of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
And with joy and love,
I dedicate myself to the service of the living Lord,
in the elderly following the example of Jeanne Jugan's humility and trust.