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“ Be little, make yourselves very little before God! ”
 Jeanne Jugan always asked her daughters “Be little, to make themselves very little before God! Keep a simple and humble posture." and she herself lived like that. Through her 27 years of silence in the Mother house, she showed true littleness and humility to many novices and the little Sisters.
 The expression that Saint Jeanne Jugan always used was "little." Her wise secret is that God is everything, and she is nothing. She believed that God could fill her because she was nothing. Because she knew God's love like that and she loved God, she was always able to move forward. Like Jesus and the Mother Mary...

 Jeanne learned from St. John Eudes that Christian life is a continuation of Jesus' life and virtue, and that "to come to the heart of Mary is to come to the heart of Jesus." She loved the Mother Mary so much that she never took the rosary off her hands. Her prayer life had thus deepened, and finally, she bore the fruit of her lively and dynamic apostolate.

 The fourth vow, "Hospitality," was approved by the Church to the St. John of God Congregation, and Jeanne Jugan, the foundress discovered a great way to practice love while pursuing her special charisma, which is an apostolic position proving the mercy of the Father and the compassionate love of Jesus.

 Jeanne also learned how to beg for the poor from the brothers of St. John of God. But it was not easy for Jeanne, a woman from Cancale where the habitants were of a proud nature, but she did not mind it. On the surface, it seemed very humiliating, but by the bond of solidarity, she became to know that it was a valuable activity that combined her to the benefactor and the poor.

 For Jeanne, the poor defined her vocation, God waited for her in the poor, and she met Him in the poor.