About Our Congregation Welcome to the website of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Our Apostolate

This mission that the Church delegates to the Little Sisters and we carry out in the name of the Church is the essence of our lives. The ultimate purpose of our one and only apostle is to welcome the poor and marginalized elderly regardless of race or religion, take good care of their bodies with respect and love, and make them aware of the merciful love of God and save their souls.

 We serve the elderly like our parents and carry out our daily mission in the charisma of Saint Jeanne Jugan, “The poor are our Lord.” we form a family harmony with the elderly and employees. This family spirit gives the elderly pride as human beings and gives them strength and courage to overcome pain and trials.

  And in particular, we should always be aware of euthanasia. Whatever kind of euthanasia, this is an act that goes against the will of God's creation by directly infringing on the moral notion that must be held as a human being and losing human dignity.
Since human life is given by God and taken by God, it is a murderous act for humans to shorten someone's life because it relieves the pain of others.

 As mentioned before, when we help the elderly overcome pain and trials and thus let them know that humans can be purified and meet God through pain and trials.
Therefore, we accompany by our presence with the dying elderly on their final journey, their eternal encounter with the Lord.
This is the most important part of our apostolic service.