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History of the Congregation

History of the Congregation
10.25 the foundress Jeanne Jugan was born in Cancal, northern France.
- Jeanne left her hometown Cancale and went to Saint- Servan to work as an aid nurse at Rosario Hospital.
- Jeanne left the hospital due to poor health, lived as the maid and friend of Mademoiselle Lecoq, and devoted herself to help the poor.
- After Mlle. Lecoq's death, she worked for a wealthy family in the region.
- One winter evening, Jeanne carried on her back an elderly, blind and infirm woman home, who was lying on the street while begging, and offered the old woman her own bed and took care of her as if she were her own mother.
This is the beginning of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Then some young ladies joined in the work of Jeanne Jugan.
- A prayer group formed based on the rules of the Admirable Mother
Association, a cooperative organization of the Eudist.
- With the help of Marie Gangde Brother of the Congregation of St. John of God, Jeanne starts begging. The number of the elderly increased to 12.
- Jeanne was elected as the first Superior.
- The official name of the group was chosen as the "Servants of the Poor" after setting the rules of the Hospitaller Order inspired by the rules of the Congregation of St. John of God.
- The first old man accepted to our Home.
- Jeanne Jugan was deprived of the Superior by Father Le Pallier, who was helping the congregation at the time.
- The 'Servants of the Poor' change their name to 'Sisters of the Poor.'
- Jeanne is awarded the Montyon Prize, a prestigious award given by the French Academy.
- The Mother house and the Novitiate are established in Tours.
- The popular name " Little Sisters of the Poor,"is definitely adopted.
- With Bishop Brossais Saint-Marc’s approving the rules of the congregation, established it as an officially approved congregation of the church.
- The Motherhouse and the Novitiate moved to Rennes (La Piltierre), Jeanne Jugan was called to begin her hidden life.
- Pope Pius IX approved the Little Sisters of the Poor as a Congregation of Pontifical Rights. 500 members of Little Sisters of the Poor in 36 Homes.
- Acquired the site of La Tour in Saint-Pern and moved the Motherhouse and the Novitiate there. Named the place as La Tour St. Joseph (present Mother house) Jeanne also went there with the novices, and continued her hidden life.
- The decision made that the Little Sisters begging from day to day leaving everything to God's providence without a fixed revenue.
- Pope Leo XIII approves the Constitutions of the Congregation, for a period of seven years. The number of Little Sisters reached 2,400 and advanced to Britain, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, the United States, North Africa, Italy and Malta.
08.29 August Jeanne Jugan passed away.
- Several young Korean women went to France via the United States and Malaysia to become "Little Sisters of the Poor."
- One of the assistant general visited Seoul to see the possibility of opening its home in Korea.
- Three Little Sisters arrived in Korea and learned Korean language to prepare for the opening of home for the Elderly.
For the first time, Korean Sisters made their profession, and one of them returned to Korea to help establish a home for the Elderly in Korea.
- The first bishop of the Cheongju Diocese and founder of the Cheongju Sacred Heart Home, the American Bishop James Pardy, handed over the nursing home to the Little Sisters of the Poor.
10.03 Pope John Paul II Beatified Jeanne Jugan.
- Opening of the ‘Queen of Peace Home’ in Suwon.
- A novitiate for formation of Sisters was started in Suwon, Korea.
- Opening of Jeanne Jugan's Home in Seoul.
- Closing of the Sacred Heart Home in Cheongju.
- Opening of Mt.St.Joseph's Home in Jeonju.
- Opening of the Sacred Heart of Jesus' Home for the Elderly in Damyang, Jeonnam Province.
10.11 Pope Benedict XVI declared Jeanne Jugan a saint.